Coronavirus – It is a kind of conclusion

Good evening, what do you have to say about Corona and the things that are currently happening? I’m back in Germany for a week now and I’m more touched by it now than I would have expected. I therefore ask for an announcement on this subject.

(This text was transcribed and translated into English. Also available as twenty-minute audio in German.)

We are happy to give you information about the actions and circumstances regarding the Coronavirus, which is currently getting a lot of attention in your world. This attention is justified due to a desire for growth and inner development, a desire to recognize what is true and recognize what can be left behind and is outdated.

It is a kind of conclusion, a review, a sorting and screening, and offers the world and people the opportunity to calmly confront themselves, the movements of their lives and the environment and of course their own reactions and actions to them. What we mean by this is that life is constantly changing and that people have to adapt again and again, always have to come back to the moment, always have the task of being aware of themselves, their intuition and guidance and liveliness.

And when these things drift apart or have drifted, when change has taken place inwardly, but this has not yet arrived in behaviour and outward appearance, then crises or challenges, situations happen which enable the individual or in this case a large group of people from the population to review and to sieve, to pause and reflect, which is truly important.

Uncertainty and dealing with fear and loneliness is an important aspect of this process of sieving and currently has a lot of room for people to deal with it and to allow it to happen.

The confrontation with life, with liveliness, with the being of now, with being here in the way humanity and life has developed, with values and needs, is a central point of this confrontation with the coronavirus and the instructions that are currently being given to create this situation within which people can turn to themselves and wake up in the sense of a revival and recognition of what is really important and what appears relevant to the individual and is important for him.

So the community task is to come to oneself and to look at what is. But everyone has to do this himself and for himself, and the collective, synchronous outer connection, to do this now in large quantities, gives a reinforcement and a facilitation of this inner view and makes it available, which serves many people in this respect and helps them to make this review, which they would neither do alone, because they did not see the necessity, nor would it be so easy to do so now, through the support of the large mass of individuals, who are now devoting themselves to this subject.

The insecurity that comes with this infection, disease, limited life and dying also plays a role, but a subordinate and is more means to an end to what we have just mentioned.

The big goal is to wake up and arrive in a new consciousness, in a new realization of what counts, what is relevant, out of the stupefaction of consumption, the medial over-presence and abstraction and into a sense of one’s own needs and wishes.

And just as this movement that is taking place not only serves you, but also other people as well, the relaxation that begins due to the inner vision that has been carried out and later left behind serves a new lightness, which is the goal of this worldwide action and action that gathers around the theme of the virus.

It is not a matter of life or death, it is not a matter of want or worry. It is about recognizing what is truly essential and important. And this is not only love and loving oneself and others, but above all, the return to the solidarity with other people and with fellow human beings, the commitment to the basic needs of each individual and living being, the familiarity with the essential, simple things like food, drink, sociality, contact, compassion, vitality, laughing, allowing mistakes and failures, being forgiving and lovingly accepting one’s own imperfections and those of others, away from perfectionism and optimization towards a natural acceptance of being human in humanity, in being human, in being perfect of the present in the imperfection of the individual and of society and the world population.

Nothing serves the development of the soul as much as a crisis. Nothing serves the arrival at oneself as much as unsecurity and angst. But all these are means on the way to a new consciousness, which has been initiated and is now taking place through the reaction to the discovery of the coronavirus, a recognition of humanity in the moment, in being alive, and allowing the insecurity and imperfection of the single individual.

Open yourself to these things and go forward as an example into the future, which is only the evolution of the moment, which is only the movement of existence in an ever-changing consciousness. But moving forward in the moment, in the now is what it is all about and waking up into the liveliness and wisdom of the life within you sets the direction for an unfolding that does not need to be controlled, but which finds itself in the certainty of being on the right path as you surrender to the impulses of your life and your powerful presence of the energetic flow and the madness of the moment.

The more you surrender to the loving presence, to the liberated awareness that every moment in life serves you and helps you to recognize yourself and to discover and expand your capacity to love, the more you will not only take the greatest possible benefit from the current challenges of dealing with the virus and the related actions that are being initiated, but also in all later moments of your life, the more you will take the greatest possible benefit and the loving awareness that life serves you and that everything is a gift that provides a richness for you that you would seldom dare to see.

We are with you constantly on your journey, even now, even now, even in the everlasting now of the moment that is eternally in the now.

Text: ~Source 2020, Gordon Axmann, – Translation Peter