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Coronavirus – It is a kind of conclusion

Good evening, what do you have to say about Corona and the things that are currently happening? I’m back in Germany for a week now and I’m more touched by it now than I would have expected. I therefore ask for an announcement on this subject.

(This text was transcribed and translated into English. Also available as twenty-minute audio in German.)

We are happy to give you information about the actions and circumstances regarding the Coronavirus, which is currently getting a lot of attention in your world. Coronavirus – It is a kind of conclusion weiterlesen


Your life is spread out

Your life is spread out
Before you like a peregrination
Over ridges, valleys and plains.

And sometimes you catch
A glimpse of the distance,
Sometimes you cannot see
Your hand in front of your eyes.

But you never realise,
In the distance,
What it will look like
When you are really there.
And you do not fully remember,
What the past leg was really like.

For your life is lived by you,
Passes by and arises anew
In the encounter with the now,
That guides you.

~Source Gordon Axmann – Translation: Peter Schmidt (original)


No matter how urgent

No matter how urgent
Your want is for
Peace and freedom

Again and again
You will be confronted
With your wishing/leading soul
To dive into challenges
Of your tasks in life

And you must find a balance
Between your ego-wishes
And your sensing soul

Say yes to life
As *you* live it
And you will be free
And happy

~Source Gordon Axmann – Translation: Peter Schmidt (original)